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TLN Media Group Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month With Special Theatrical Screenings Of Original Documentaries At Toronto Latin American Film Festival

Toronto, October 13, 2018 — TLN Media Group, Canada’s most influential multilingual media company and home of TLN Television and Spanish-language Univision Canada, announces special theatrical screenings of its original Spanish language documentaries, Como Pez en el Hielo (Like a Fish out of Water) and No Todo el Oro Brilla (Not All Gold Glitters). As part of the Toronto Latin American Film Festival, the screenings will take place on Friday, October 19th at 7PM at the George Ignatieff Theatre.

October is Hispanic Heritage month and as part of TLN Media Group’s month-long initiatives celebrating the contributions of Canada’s nearly 2 million Spanish speakers, the network has partnered with the Toronto Latin American Film Festival to offer FREE Admission to special screenings of two documentaries from its original productions catalogue:

Como Pez en el Hielo (Like a Fish out of Water) This compelling documentary follows 6 families that have migrated from Latin America (Mexico, Chile, Venezuela, Cuba, El Salvador, and Colombia) to some of the most remote and coldest areas in Canada.   Be it for work, love or adventure, they now endure long winters and isolation. They have found, however, a way to cope with their new reality and make Canada home. Experience small-town life in Kirkland Lake – Ontario, Fort McMurray – Alberta, St. Jérôme – Quebec and Fredericton – New Brunswick through the eyes of new Hispanic Canadians, and learn how they adapt to “Canadiana” while still keeping a small piece of home close to them.

No Todo el Oro Brilla (Not All Gold Glitters)
In January of 2013, a Canadian mining executive is kidnapped in Colombia by the National Liberation Army (ELN), one of the last active leftwing armed organizations in the Western Hemisphere.  This is only the tip of the iceberg. Similar kidnappings became commonplace during the last decades, along with the incursion of paramilitary groups financed by dark sectors of the industry, and social upheaval as international mining companies clash with local communities. The conflict has sparked an intense debate that highlights the environmental and social impact of mining practices in the region, particularly when it comes to mining for gold. The investigative documentary uses unprecedented access, to provide an insightful look at Canadian mining practices in Colombia. Do Canada’s actions help or hinder an already controversial industry around the world?

Both documentaries are produced in collaboration with LuloFilms and award winning Colombian Canadian writer, director and producer Jaime Escallon-Buraglia.

“As a leading broadcaster and producer of culturally connected programming, TLN Media Group continues to create opportunities and original programs in a significant way that only Canadian based independent ethnic broadcasters can do”, said TLN Media Group President, Aldo Di Felice. “We are proud to tell the culturally connected stories that are rarely told and matter most to Canadians.”


Stay tuned for the television premieres of a series of titles from the TLN Media Group multilingual original productions catalogue on TLN TV and Univision Canada as the network unveils nearly a dozen titles throughout the 2018/19 season.


For more info visit tlnoriginals.cacomopez.canotodoelorobrilla.ca


*FREE Admission Screenings:

Friday October 19th                           7pm – Como Pez en el Hielo                            8pm –   No Todo el Oro Brilla

The Toronto Latin American Film Festival runs until Oct 27th.  Go to http://lataff.ca for the complete lineup.

For additional information contact:
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