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Edoardo Bove Interview: Roma Debut & Development, Mourinho & More

Roma midfielder Edoardo Bove was interviewed by Serie A to speak about his debut for the Giallorossi, his development as a midfielder, Jose Mourinho and his teammates.

Roma Debut & Development

Edoardo Bove is one of the many Giallorossi youngsters to whom José Mourinho has handed a Roma debut. A year later, with more match-time behind him, Bove netted his second top-flight goal.

“The goal against Verona could be defined as an accomplishment by a youngster. It was more of an instinctive gesture. That’s how I see it. I remember the feeling very well. Sometimes I think about it again and look back. I’m pleased with my development.”

“The goal against Udinese was a bit different from my first one against Verona. Maybe it was the payoff for all the hard work and the journey I’m going on. You can see the results from what we’re doing in training.”

Jose Mourinho & Teammates

Now, José Mourinho sees him as a valuable option. As for the 20-year-old, training with the first team has been an incredible learning experience.

“The boss has been so important because having a coach like him leads to you having an adult relationship with an adult, which is based on a type of sincerity that I really like. He’s helped me so much and I think the fact that he treats us youngsters like normal players straight away makes us feel that we’re part of the squad.”

“Having midfielders like Matic, Cristante, Pellegrini and Wijnaldum to learn from is so important for me. I’m able to train with them and learn certain things that you might not see in a match. You see all aspects of the game in training, which can make you improve so much.”

“My relationship with Pellegrini is very good because Lorenzo was in my position not so long ago,so he can put himself in the young players’ shoes, so he always manages to do the right thing for us, whether it’s time to tell us off or say something helpful, he’s always present.”

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