Serie A Udinese

Isaac Success Discusses Relationship With Udinese Owner Giampaolo Pozzo

Udinese attacker Isaac Success sat down with Serie A ahead of Matchday 4 to speak about his relationship with Club Owner Giampaolo Pozzo, his strengths, and new Manager Andrea Sottil.

Relationship With Giampaolo Pozzo 

Giampaolo Pozzo owns Watford in England and formerly owned Spanish club Granada. He unearths and polishes diamonds; Success, who has played at all three of the aforementioned clubs, is one of these players.

I think by now he should call me a son because I’ve been part of him for years now. Our relationship started up at the U17 African Cup of Nations and that is when I was approached and I loved the project. I’ll always say thank you to him.”

Strengths & Bond With Teammates

The 26-year-old Nigerian attacker arrived at Udinese last season and has since settled in very well.

“My teammates know my strengths, they know how to manage me during the game, and where I can create problems for other teams which I’m happy about. This helps because then I can improve my way to assist them and make it more easy for them to score goals for the team.”

New Manager Andrea Sottil

Udinese celebrated their 50th anniversary of their first Serie A campaign this year, and ownership chose a former Bianconeri defender in Andrea Sottil to be their coach.

He’s a fighter, I didn’t watch him play but when he speaks to the group, the way he sounds, the way he pushes everyone to give everything until they get to their limit – it is incredible and this is what we really do want in this team.”