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This Month on TLN TV | January Highlights

The Italian League is back and better than ever!

Itching for more soccer after the world cup action? We got you covered! TLN’s Serie A Italian League Soccer weekly match coverage is back every Sunday with Intermezzo halftime show with host Antonio Giorgi.


Visittln.ca/serie-afor match schedules, exclusive interviews and more:

Gino’s Italian Coastal Escape - NEW SEASON! 

After taking us on his Mediterranean coastal journey, Gino hops over to the other side of Italy to reveal the undiscovered delights of the Adriatic Coast, visiting the destinations that are growing in popularity with tourists from across the world. Travelling in a classic Italian car, Gino drives the entire length of the coast, showcasing the must see, must do and must taste, as well as sharing some delicious locally inspired recipes. 

This six-part TLN original docuseries explores multiculturalism in Quebec through the lens of the province’s diverse culinary traditions. Join renowned Montreal chef and restaurateur Michele Forgione as he travels to six communities across the region to meet Italian Canadian families that share their inspiring stories, traditions, and passion for food.  

From sugar shacks to eggplant and tomato fields, local buffalo mozzarella, and the best bagels in the world, this incredible journey takes viewers on a delicious and fun tour of La Belle Province.