Bologna Serie A

Joaquin Sosa Discusses Uruguay’s Ties to Bologna & Manager Motta

Bologna defender Joaquin Sosa sat down with Serie A ahead of Matchday 26 to speak about his story and joining the Rossoblu, adapting to life in Italy, and Thiago Motta.

Following In the Footsteps of Fellow Uruguayans

Centre-back Sosa is the 24th Uruguayan to play for Bologna in the club’s 114-year history.

“I’m from Fray Bentos, a small city in Uruguay with 25,000 or 30,000 inhabitants. It’s a big footballing city. Just like in every part of Uruguay, everyone there loves their football. Many Uruguayan players have played for this club and I’m fully aware of that: Gaston Ramirez, (Diego) Ruso Perez, Zalayeta and quite a few others. I’m so proud to be at this club and in this city.”

Adapting to Life in Italy & Serie A

After taking a few months to get settled into the side, he’s now proving his skills and spirit in the heart of the Rossublù defence.

“I’ve started quite a few games. I’m really happy about starting to play a bigger role at the club. We’ve all got a great relationship with the boss. We discuss what each player needs and what we can bring to the table. I like taking part in building from the back. I like keeping the ball, but sometimes I can’t do much of that based on the position that I play in because I’m at the back and it can be risky. As I’ve said, I like keeping possession and I’m always focused when I don’t have the ball. When a player has their back to me, I’m a bit more aggressive as well.”

The Thiago Motta Effect

Under Thiago Motta, Bologna have risen from 17th to 8th. They lead Serie A in winning the ball back in the opposition half and play well-balanced attacking football.

“We’re in a good position in the table. There’s no secret. It’s down to hard work and correcting mistakes. We try to keep a high line meaning we’re in less danger of conceding. Once we regain possession we try to move the ball forward quickly, seeking out the wingers or the striker and hope they can keep the ball so we can hit on the counter.”

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