Serie A Spezia

Emil Holm Discusses Start of Professional Career & Spezia Supporters

Spezia defender Emil Holm sat down with Serie A ahead of Matchday 23 to speak about his football inspiration, the start of his professional career, and the Aquilotti’s supporters.

Football Inspiration

If you were born around the year 2000, you belong to Gen Z. But if you grew up in Sweden, even if you play as a defender, you belong to generation Zlatan

“For me Zlatan has always been my top idol, I have read his book three times in school. I have followed Zlatan since I was able to see football games, I am unfortunately not able to speak with him yet but I hope he can come to play a game here against us in spring.”

Start of Professional Career

Holm is a Serie A newcomer but he’s already one of the stars on the right flank. His hard running and precise crosses have put his talent, developed by one of Sweden’s most historic teams, on the big clubs’ radars.

“My first memory was when I was seven years old, I was watching them win the league, 2007, for me IFK Göteborg was always been my club and I’m very proud to have been played in that club so for me playing in my hometown, in front of my parents, friends was my dream.”

Spezia Supporters

Spezia’s supporters love him. An affection made all the stronger by Holm’s fantastic performance in the regional derby with Sampdoria, a comeback victory, and by his crucial goal against a relegation rival.

“Every derby no matter where you play always feels the tension in the city. I felt this and triggered me. Especially at home when we are 1-0 down like you feel the crowd wants more and then we can give the equaliser then you feel it in your body we gonna do 2-1, and when we do we are totally beautifully is amazing. When I’m on the pitch I give 100% to the fans because we play for them, for the club, we play for the badge. I’m committed 100% and when I score I want to show I’m very happy and give them energy so they give us energy.”

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