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Isaac Success Discusses Udinese Contract Extension, Sottil, Pozzo Family & More

Udinese attacker Isaac Success was exclusively interviewed by TLN TV to discuss his contract renewal at the club, his relationship with the Pozzo family, Manager Andrea Sottil, the difference between playing in Spain, England, and Italy, and much more.

Udinese Contract Renewal

The current 27-year-old signed with the Bianconeri in August of 2021. Since then, he has made just under 50 appearances, scoring four goals and providing 14 assists in Serie A.

“I think I’ve had difficult seasons when I was in Watford and I think Udinese gave me the chance to start playing again and enjoy football again. And it’s a family that I’ve known really well, I’ve been with for years and for them giving me the opportunity to renew and also I’m loving it in Italy as well and I know I can improve more by renewing one more short year so I can spend more time and keep enjoying the game.”

Relationship With Pozzo Family

After being scouted by the Pozzo Family, Success has played for all three clubs that they have had ownership in – Granada, Watford, and Udinese – a bond that is impossible to break.

“They’ve really done a lot. They really have been in my career. They want to see me a part of the family every single year. And this is something that is kind of a pledge from the beginning. Since I met them during the Under 17 World Cup in Dubai. And, yeah, that was my first approach. And since then, I’ve been loving it. And of course, it’s been ups and downs since I started with them, but they are still believing in me, believing there’s a lot more to offer, and that gives me a lot of confidence to keep working with them.”

Manager Andrea Sottil

49-year-old Sottil was appointed Manager of Udinese in June of 2022 following a spell in charge of Ascoli in Serie B. So far so good in the Italian’s first spell in the top flight, exceeding expectations – and Success is a big fan.

“I think he makes it clear during the preparations before each game what he really wants and I understand it really well because when the manager passes this information clearly to the boys, it’s left for the boys to participate and do exactly what he says. He’s had so much confidence in me and when your manager has so much confidence in you, you have no excuse for improving. So I’ve been pushing myself to my limits just to fit in the team properly.”

Difference Between Premier League, La Liga & Serie A

Success has spent time playing in three of Europe’s top five leagues. Starting in La Liga with Granada, he then transferred to the Premier League when he joined Watford, followed by Serie A with Udinese.

“I think when I played in Spain it was a bit more technical and England was a little bit more intense physically. And I think before I left Spain to England, I have those two things in me already, the physical part and the technical part as well. So it was a bit easy for me to work with a couple of managers that I met there. But here in Italy, now I’m enjoying it because it’s all-round football, physically, aggressively, tactically as well, and I’m adapting to it because it’s something I think I have. And playing in a league like this is bringing up a lot of potential in me.”

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